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    No two Schemas should share the same targetNamespace

    Yary Ribero Newbie

      Good day everyone,

      I am new to this community so, first of all, I'd like to present myself: I'm Yary from Italy, a student of computer science at the last year who is writing his final work.

      My final work involves the use of jBPM, which I'm trying to understand, but until now I could only complete the installation.

      I think I followed strictly the rules of installation in the user guide but still I can't execute any of the examples since I catch every time the same error, after a set of assertions complete correctly.

      The error is about xml validation:

      "error: couldn't parse xml document : java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: When using array of Objects as the value of SCHEMA_SOURCE property , no two Schemas should share the same targetNamespace. "

      Having it even before starting to write code hampers me seriously in learning.

      Did you experience the same problem yet? How did you solved it? Do you know, more simply, why it occurs and how to solve it?

      I would be very thankful.