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    hibernate stalestateexception error and locking mechanism in

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      I have two process instances, each one coming from a different process definition. Each process has a timer and a couple of nodes, the last node has a transition back to the timer as a loop.
      I start these two process instances. After a while, I get a hibernate stalestateexception (server logs) which occurs rarely and randomly. My question is why ? I do not see which data versionning could be the problem. Process instances are for me quite independent... and do not share data from database.
      What can be the problem ? Is there a locking mechanism in JBPM for synchronizing jobs ? If yes, could you explain me in details how this locking works ?



      Using jbpm3.2.3
      Server : apache tomcat 5.5x

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          Fleury Ludovic Newbie


          OK, I found a post from Tom Baeyens about Job Executor. I understand now that there is no jobs locking but only hibernate optimistic concurrence control using versionning on jobs data.
          But still, I do not understand why there would be concurrence (and so sometime collision) in my case. I have only one JobExecutor, so there can be only one thread to acquire a job end execute it, even if I have two process instances (or more) running at the same time. Is it right ? In this case, I don't see what could be the problem. Could you please help me ?