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    Timer action is not called and event mail is also not fired

    Arunkumar Pichaimuthu Newbie

      In a task-node I configured a timer with action. When timer executes the action class is not getting called. Also I have a event configured on which I am trying to send mail which is not happening as expected. But below the same event under mail I have a script with SOP, which I printed, in my log file. I don't know weather I am missing any configuration can any one pls help. I have the code sample, which I have configured.

      <task-node name="timer">
      <task name="task-assign" notify="true">
      <assignment class="com.myconpany.handler.MailHandler"></assignment>
      <event type="node-leave">
      <mail name="task-assign" actors="arunkumar at yourcompany.com" >
      System.out.println(&quot;to escalated&quot;);
      <timer duedate="7 seconds" name="timer" transition="to somenode">
      <action class="com.youcomapny.handler.CustomMailHandler"></action>
      <transition to="isapprove" name="to isTsmRoleApprvlornot"></transition>
      <transition to="somenode" name="to somenode"></transition>

      Thanks in advance.