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    JbpmJobExecutor throws NoClassDefFoundError when restoring d


      I use a MySQL 5 database with Jbpm, running on tomcat 5.0.28
      I have nightly "live" backups of the MySQL jbpm db which runs.

      When restoring a backup to a different machine/environment, the JbpmJobExecutor thread throws a NoClassDefFoundError exception, after which my system seems to be pretty much useless.

      If looking at the db table 'jbpm_job', the LOCKOWNER_ column specifies the ip address of the original server/machine that the database resides on. If I modifiy these ip addresses to be the same as the machine this db is now on, everything seems to work fine.

      Is it okay to just modify that column/value like that so it runs on the different machine? Or is there a 'proper' way if backing up and restoring to a different machine?