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    A question on Transitions

    Stefano Ferrante Newbie

      Hi all, i ahve a little question.

      This is a part of my Process definition

      <state name="stateA">
       <event type="node-enter">
       <action class="com.example.AnActionHandler"></action>
       <event type="node-leave">
       <cancel-timer name="MailSender"/>
       <timer duedate="30 seconds" name="MailSender" transition="to nodeMail"></timer>
       <transition to="stateB" name="to stateB"></transition>
       <transition to="nodeMail" name="to nodeMail"></transition>

      In this case i have a stateA that have 2 transitions, one is related at normal workflow, the transition named to stateB, and the other that is invoked only from a timer.

      And it work properly if i invoke the signal() method from a webapp that i use to test the process workflow.

      But the question is: there is any chance to configure the transition nodeMail to be invoked only by the timer? and not from the signal() method?

      Because if configured as i described before, the signal() method is perfect anyway to call correctly the transition to stateB, but if the order of the transitions is changed in:

       <transition to="nodeMail" name="to nodeMail"></transition>
      <transition to="stateB" name="to stateB"></transition>

      the transition named to nodeMail is the only one transition available invoking the signal() method.

      I know that i can call transition by name too, but i was looking if there was a chance to lock some transition to be executed if who is calling is not the one i expect.

      Thank in advance for any :) reply.