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    JBPM Data Base - Table's column meaning

    Marco Marchi Newbie

      I have found a lot of posts and scripts about the users/groups Data Base configuration, but I'm not able to find docs about the columns meaning of these tables.
      I would like to create my own configuration with my groups and my users, but it's not clear which values place in some fields.

      For example what does the column JBPM_ID_GROUP.CLASS_ represents ?

      I want to create a new group, I can understand that 'G' (the typical value for this column in the scripts) is Group, but which others values can I use for this column? And the same for TYPE_; in the scripts I found the values are always:
      - organisation
      - security-role
      Are these values pre-defined values ???

      Please, if there is an article in the Wiki (that I didn't found) or a Post in the User Forum, put a link to the article/post, because almost always the answer "check the article in the Wiki" is not very useful.

      Thanks in advance for you replies.

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          the .CLASS_ things have to do with hibernate and inheritance. Look at the
          hibernate mappings.

          "check the article in the Wiki" is not very useful.
          I disagree, since (at least) I only say this when there IS an article about it in the wiki or the forum. I think I do not *have* to search for you do I... there are things you can do yourself and learn from it... just the way I and others did. e.g. often when searching you see things that can come in handy later on.

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            Marco Marchi Newbie

            Ok, thank you for your answer. Anyway I'm not able to understand what Group Type means.

            Using the scripts found in the Wiki I have created the base configuration on my MySQL JBpm Data Base.

            I logged in as "manager" and in the Identities link I have added a new Group called "baseusers". In this moment there is the possibility to specify the Group Type. But which values are availables? (it's the same question of my previous post), so I have left this field blank. Then I have created a new user called Stefano and I have added a Membership to this user with the "baseusers" group.

            With this new user I'm not able to login. Why? I get

            HTTP Status 403 - Access to the requested resource has been denied

            If I don't use my Group (baseusers) I'm able to login using Stefano just if I add membership with all the existing pre-defined groups
            - admin
            - sales
            - manager
            - hr
            - sales

            Sorry kukeltje, I know that I'm a complete newbie but for me it's very difficult to understand how Jbpm works about this configuration.

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              Marco Marchi Newbie

              An example: in this moment I added to my user Stefano the membership in groups hr, admin and user, the same groups of the admin user, and to do this I used the jbpm-console.

              Why using Stefano I'm not able to login in the jbpm-console?

              In the jbpm data base this are the values:

              select t1.id_, t1.name_, t1.password_,
              t3.name_ as group_name, t3.type_ as group_type
              from jbpm_id_user t1,
              jbpm_id_membership t2,
              jbpm_id_group t3
              where t1.id_ = t2.user_ and
              t2.group_ = t3.id_ and
              t1.name_ in ('admin', 'stefano');
              order by t1.id_, t3.name_;