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    ClassLoader questions...

    schmoely Newbie

      Hi jBPM community,

      I just downloaded/installed the jBPM installer (jbpm-installer-3.2.6.SP1.jar) and it installed a jbpm directory in my server deploy directory (with the enterprise ear, the service sar and the console war).

      I will be creating a number of processes that need to signal a web service when a particular node is reached. So I implement an ActionHandler on that node and in my handler, have it call a web service.

      Problem is: the code that calls the web service has a butt load of jar dependencies (all the cxf stack) and I don't want to put them way up in server/lib - because that'll conflict with other wars deployed on the server.

      Similarly, I don't want to deploy the jars in the sar/lib directory because then those classes will be forced to all other clients of jBPM.

      I've been banging my head against the wall all day on this: is there a standard pattern or configuration change I can apply to get this realized? I've looked at the jbpm.classLoader property but can't fathom how to put it to work here...