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    Start Process Best Practises

    Michael Coldewey Newbie


      i have a question related to starting processes, which contains ESB Calls. This Process should run sync, so i can recieve the results of the process in the same method, where i start the process.

      Before i upgrade to esb 4.5 i fired token.signal(), and it waits, until the process is finish. Now, with 4.5, it seems, that they introduced the CallBack Handler for ESB Calls. token.signal() now exists immidiatly after fire and the esb call node is in wait state. How can i wait for the result?

      I have no idea anymore... please help, if you can.

      Thx and greetings
      Michael Coldewey

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          Michael Coldewey Newbie


          it seems to be solved now! One little detail I have not noticed since now.

          I have to write in the jboss-esb.xml in the actions pipeline:

          <actions mep="RequestResponse">

          But I have another Question now.

          Is there a way to provide all BPM Variables to the ESB Body at once, or have I define every Variable within Tag?

          I often seen this:

          But this dont work for me.

          Michael Coldewey