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    cannot see the deplooyed process

    arpan sharma Newbie

      HI all,

      I am using jbpm 3.2.6.SP1 with jboss-5.0.0.GA. The process definition is getting deployed succesfully using eclipse, but i cannot see any processes after i login as a user in the jbpm console...I am using MySql and have made all the changes to hibernate.cfg.xml and jbpm-mysql-ds.xml as mentioned in t he jbpm tutorial...and copied mysql-connector-java-5.17-bin.jar in the jboss-5.0.0.GA/lib folder.

      can anyone help me ?


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          Swati S Newbie

          Even I did the same thing I deployed using GPD but that process wasnot available in cosole.
          So what I did from GPD there is option for "Save Process Achive Locally". I checked that option and saved .par file locally and then using Deploy Process Link from COnsole I provided this file path and the process was successfully deployed and was available in console.