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    Bugs in GPD jBPM 3.2.6.SP1

    Mauricio Salatino Master

      I'm trying to teach about jBPM, that is very user friendly and very easy to use, and I was disappointed when I found two bugs, that confuse and scared new users.

      The first one the missing activation.jar with the fix proposed in this forum:
      where the solution points to a fix proposed to version 3.3.0. So, my user will say.. we found bugs and we are not using the last version of the framework.. very bad..

      The second bug that I found, when you fix the activation.jar problem and create a new project with the sample process.. the sample process is never created.. so my users said.. wtf!! I put to create a sample process but i got nothing.. and all of them freaks out..

      So, please.. in order to get user and not loose the new ones that try to begin with the framework, fix this issues for this version of GPD.
      Thanks, your feedback will be appretiated.