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    Get ActionHandler config information at runtime?

    Tom S Newbie

      Does anybody know how to get at runtime the information about
      configuration of custom ActionHadler classes. Here is what I try to do:

      Snippet from my processdefinition.xml

       <transition name='success' to='new-request-suspend'>
       <action class='MyActionHandler'

      My implementation of ActionHandler
      public class MyActionHandler implements org.jbpm.graph.def.ActionHandler
       private List<String> services;
       public void execute (ExecutionContext context) throws Exception
       // more code

      My code that is trying to get the value of MyActionHandler.services field
       Event event = ... // get the event I am interested in
       List<Action> actions = event.getActions ();
       for (Action action: actions)
       // how do I get the value of the MyActionHandler.services field?

      I'd appreciate any suggestions. Is there an alternative way to approach this?