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    To many Threads waiting for external Sytem Request.

    Patrick H. Newbie


      i think i need some help with jbpm, because iam very new to this technology and think iam doing something wrong.

      I have to write an Application where we send some Binary Data by SOAP(axis2) to a Service and wait for the Response.

      The Binary data is not sended directly to the External Service, it is placed on a Queue Service, because we dont know, when the External Service will be ready to process. So the External Service claims the Data from the Queue itself, processes it and sends it directly back to my application(without a Queue).

      First i thought about, to use a State Note in jbpm, wo wait for Response and continue the Process.

      But there i think is a Problem:
      The Thread, where this Process is added to, will be active, the whole time.

      It can happen, that i will wait for response many hours, up to some days(Weekend, User out of Office..).

      And there will be many Task to handle. Could be up to 1000 a hour.
      And all these Threads waiting, will slow down system rapidly or directly crash it. Don`t know how many Threads a System(Even Server Architecture) can handle, but i think this is not the right way.

      How should i handle this?
      Maybe iam totally wrong in how i use jbpm. Iam not that deep in that technology yet, and maybe i missunderstood the field of functions of jbpm.

      Would be great to get some help for this Problem.
      Maybe the solution is to view on some other aspect of my project, but iam confused right now.

      Patrick H.