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    jBPM 4 Process archive with custom classes

    Martin Pradny Newbie


      I'm testing jbpm4 for one of my projects and I got into troubles. I'm able to deploy process using xml file or .par archive, but I'm not able to use custom java classes in the process if I don't put them physically in the java class path.

      I can see them stored in the database, but so far I haven't found any way how to configure the class loader to use them. I get only class not found exception all the time.

      I've searched through the source codes and have found DeploymentClassLoader, but I haven't found a way how to use it.

      Am I missing something in my configuration or is it not supported right now.

      I want to use jbpm emebedded in servlet running on very simple servlet container that doesn't support dynamic deployment, so this would be only way to deploy these classes without container restart :(

      Thank you for advices