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    How to test jBPM 4 (out of the box?)

    Michael Monje Moran Newbie


      I've been trying for days to get jBPM 4 (Beta 1) working, however I'm not sure where I should really start. I've installed JBOSS 5 and latest Eclipse, tried to follow user guide (setup IDE, compile example project) however the latest jBPM package seems to be missing an important file required for the example project. I've been waiting for the Beta 2 with patience hoping it would fix the issue but it seems not to come out yet so I've decided to post on the forum and hopefully get some help.

      I'm wondering if there's no "out of the box" example that can be executed without going on a low developer level, something more like running a URL in your browser after you executed the jBPM installer?

      I tried to find a post on this forum about that but without success, if someone can point me to a relevant step by step guide on how to access the jBPM console for example?

      I tried the following URL http://localhost:8080/jbpm-console/ but it shows an HTTP 404 error, while my JBOSS server seems running ok (http://localhost:8080/ displays the JBOSS status page). I have very poor knowledge about JAVA and JBOSS (I'm not aware of all the developer things, I was more involved in .Net technologies, but hey please let me enjoy JAVA world also :-)... just kidding).

      So in a nutshell, I've been through lots of jBPM documentation, wiki, forums and blogs but did not find a straightforward way to test jBPM (needed in the context of an academic work). A lot of documents also relate to v3, and I'm not sure if it's still relevant for the new v4. So if you have any good advice to help me out... I'd be thankful :-)

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