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    Linking subprocess with main process?

    Tej jbpm Novice

      Hi All

      I have few mail nodes and task nodes which i repeat in every different process i create.

      I know i can create a common subprocess and link it to this. But how should the sub process structured? Should it have a start and end node? How does the linking work? If i create the subprocess and deploy it and then give the subprocess name in the main process..it does not seem to locate it..rather complains that process definition is null..

      anybody have idea how to do that?

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          Swati S Newbie

          Assuming you know how to put process state node in main process and you have deployed the subprocess before main process then there is one thing you need to do is make change in
          org.jbpm.graph.node. DbSubProcessResolver class

           JbpmContext jbpmContext = jbpmConfiguration.createJbpmContext();
           // below line is the code present comment this out and put above line in code
           //JbpmContext jbpmContext = JbpmContext.getCurrentJbpmContext();