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    Email subject is empty always

    Tej jbpm Novice

      Hi All

      My task nodes are sending reminders fine but even though i specify a subject in the template it is always empty. Did anybody face this problem?

      Here is the code for template.. and the task node

      <task-node name="line manager review">
      <task name="line manager review" blocking="true">
      <description> desc</description>
      <assignment actor-id="#{ifp_line_manager_actor}"></assignment>
      <controller class="com.myController"></controller>
      <reminder duedate="2 business minutes" repeat="yes"/>
      <transition to="notify-review" name="approve"></transition>
      My reminder template in jbpm.mail.templates.xml is
      <mail-template name='task-reminder'>
       <subject>REMINDER: #{processInstance.getId} requested by #{firstName} #{lastName} !</subject>
       <text><![CDATA[ REMINDER: task is assigned to you.