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    jbpm 3 or 4

    Steffen Stundzig Newbie

      Hi all,

      thx for your great work in jbpm. I'm currently in the situation in collecting a new customer project. In these project I will generate the process definitions from my dsl tool, deploy all to jboss 5.0.1 and use services provided by the jboss esb. For Busines Rules I like Drools. I also very like the idea of the pvm.

      Now my question is, is jbpm4 stable enough for production use or should I use jbpm3. This means I need the engine not the admin ui or the eclipse tools. Timeline is to start mid of june with a prototype based on the process engine.

      As I can see in JIRA jbpm4 GA is planned for 1. June 2009. But there are more then 50 issues to solve before. Is the release date reachable?

      Thx for all answers.