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    jbpm persistance fails after running for a while

    François LE QUEMENER Newbie

      I've got a problem difficult to trace. My application works well, but after a while (I leave in the evening and come back the day after), the persistance is over.

      I'm running jBPM 3.3.1GA and MySQL 5.1.11, with the JDBC connector mysql-connector-java-5.1.7

      here is the log I get:

      Lika I said, it's hard to debug because it's happening only after a while. Moreover, the MySQL server is still active and running (I also have a login process in my application, and it still works), so I think that the problem comes form jBPM.

      Here is an example of my code that uses jBPM API, in case of the use of persistance is wrong :

      Do you see something wrong?