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    Graphical jBPM designer for workflows

    Archana Raj Newbie


      It would be great to have a plug-in for designing jbpm workflows in netbeans.

      Eclipse designer is already available, but we are in need of Netbeans with the JBPM plugin and of quite emergency.

      Also, wanted to know whether Nuxeo - JBPM provides any graphical interface for creating the workflows.


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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          why 'quite emergency' You can use it separately from other tooling. You do not ask e.g. Tibco to develop a netbeans based developer ui either? I do not see the 'problem´

          Regarding the Nuxeo question, you most likely get a better/quicker answer in their forum. Afaik you can use the definitions created in the jBPM GPD (which is eclipse based)

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            Mauricio Salatino Master

            I use jBPM with netbeans.. but I code jPDL by hand..
            The plugin is not necessary if you don't need to see the process graphically.
            You can also create your custom process grapher if you want..
            A plug in for netbeans wil be great.. but i think that this will need to be a community contribution.. :)

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              Ronald van Kuijk Master

              Personally, (I like netbeans to) I'd hope that there will *not* be two efforts (not even a community one) just for the sake of having almost the same functionality in netbeans as there is in eclipse (jpdl wise). Just like I said, we could develop applications for Tibco Process Engine with their editor while doing the java stuff in I think it was even jBuilder. It's better to put most effort in one really great editor instead of having to mediocre ones (and here I exaggerate a little and do not want to put down Koens work *at all*)