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    Using Subprocesses / Human Interaction Management

    Francis Drake Newbie

      Hi All,
      for a project i'm evaluating the jBPM 4 framework. Unfortunately I miss one essential feature required by the project.
      This feature is sub-processing, or sometimes called "Ad-hoc" workflows/steps.

      Here is a short description :
      I've designed following example process :
      STARET -> Step.1 -> Step.2 -> Step.3 -> END

      Under some circumstances the end user wants to change a running instance of a process. But the Process definition should not be changed, and there must not be an additional process definition. It is required to start with the default definition and to change the process instance. For example the upper process will change into:
      STARET -> Step.1 -> Step.2 -> Step.UserDefinedX -> Step.UserDefinedY -> Step.3 -> END

      Now I found two interesting articles in the internet saying that the required feature is available. But in the documentation or in the Forum I've not found anything about this (e.g. how to use or implement).

      Here are the articles :

      1. From Tom Baeyens about the PVM under the Chapter "Process updates"

      2. Articel in DeveloperZone from Tom Baeyens

      So, what is it all about? Is it possible to change a running Process instance? and how is it possible?