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    jBPM Beta2 Hibernate Not Persisting

    sri r Newbie


      When i try to deploy a processdefinition with jBPM Beta2, everything seems to be running fine (the hibernate insert queries show up fine). However when i query the database, i dont see any records in jbpm_execution.

      The way i configured is i have a class which extends JBPMConifguration (similar to JBPMTestCase) and is configured in spring xml.spring xml also has sessionfactory, datasource, etc defined. Also my class is annotated with transaction as well.
      What seems to be happening is jbpm is fetching its own hibernate session and my class has got its own session.
      I know where the problem is (in jbpm.cfg.xml i need to be able to specify spring's session factory instead of hibernate config file but haven't found proper syntax or a sample of jbpm.cfg.xml in jbpm4 beta2 version.

      Configuration in jbpm.cfg.xml:

       <cfg resource="jbpm.hibernate.cfg.xml"/>