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    In jBPM 3.2.x SchedulerMain is discontined, how to run separ

    Hamid M Newbie

      Hi all,

      I am running jBPM 3.2.6 as a standalone java application on top of MySQL (not a web application). I need to run a process with timers. For this purpose, a scheduler needs to be running.

      However, SchedulerMain (basically two packages org.jbpm.scheduler.impl and org.jbpm.scheduler.exe) have been removed from JBPM 3.2.x. I found these packages in earlier version of jBPM 3.1.4, however, they do not work with 3.2.6 code, as other needed functions such as jbpmContext.getSchedulerSession(); that does not exist in 3.2.6 anymore.

      Any idea whether a new version of SchedulerMain exists that works with 3.2.6 or on how to get a scheduler started in a separate JVM (as advised in the documentation) that works with 3.2.6?

      Many thanks,