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    datatable problem

    Tamer Gür Newbie

      Hi friends,

      I have datatable which column headers have selectOneRadio but there is problem getting value of this radio.When I look at the generated html all Id and name attiribute has same value for all input radio.
      When I move selectOneRadio out of f:facet rendering is correct
      is it bug or has a solution?


      <rich:dataTable id="periodSubTable" border="2" value="#{hotelContractPeriodicRoomBaseCost.getRoomCellList()}"
       var="periodCell" rowClasses="rvgRowOne,rvgRowTwo">
      <rich:column width="30">
       <f:facet name="header">
       <h:selectOneRadio value="#{hotelContractPeriodicRoomBaseCost.checkin}">
       <f:selectItem itemLabel="Checkin" itemValue="0"/>
       <f:selectItem itemLabel="Period" itemValue="1"/>
       <h:inputText value="#{periodCell.settlementCost}" size="6"/>