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    beginner question for the jbpm evalutaion (performance aspec

    Alexander Golubev Newbie


      I'm performing evaluation for the workflow products and the point is the performance.

      I've downloaded and installed 4.0.0. Then i modified EndProcessInstanceTest so the process from process.jpdl.xml will execute about 10.000 times. Also logging was disabled by changing logging.properties.

      Actually the process is simple : it has only start/end states, but i takes 33 secs(!!!!!) to execute 10.000 iterations of this:

      for (int i = 0; i < ITERATION_NUMBER; i++) {
      Execution execution = executionService.startProcessInstanceByKey("NoOperation");
      if (!execution.isEnded()) {

      Am i misunderstanding something ? Our case when request comes in and is processed by appropriate workflow.

      Should i start new process for that every time reques is coming or using the only one process instance (if possible) to achieve better performance?