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    jbpm-service.sar how does it work?

    lucio piccoli Newbie

      hi all,

      i am intrigued how the jbpm-service.sar works? I had it deployed as part of the 3.2.6SP1 deployment.

      But looking at the jboss-services.xml there is no service or mbean exposed, so not sure how or what it does.
      However when i deployed my own ear with its own web console BUT without any jbpm jars, the JBPMContext was somehow picked up and everything worked.
      I am very confused how the JbpmContext is being found other than through the original 3.2.6SP1 deployment jbpm-service.sar.

      Moving forward should i have the jbpm jars included in my ear or should they be exposed a jboss services?

      I quite like the service model, but no clear how it works.

      any help is appreciated


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          Alejandro Guizar Master

          The jboss-service.xml only provides a login module for authenticating users against the jBPM identity tables. The .sar does not (yet) expose any MBean, but contains the jBPM libraries and configuration files. These libraries are placed in a unified class loader and available to any webapp or ejb-jar; this is why your app works. If you wanted class isolation you'd have to delete the libraries from the .sar and put them inside each .war.