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    Logging mails in jBPM 4.0.CR1

    Nils Preusker Newbie

      Dear jbpm community,

      I'm wondering if there is a way to log mails instead of sending them in jBPM 4. This would be useful for unit tests. I thought it might be possible to write a custom MailProducer or MailSession that overrides the send method and just logs the mail message rather than sending it. I'd also be interested to know how to actually make jBPM use a custom MailProducer, as the example in the user guide (jbpm-4.0.CR1) currently only shows how to override the default MailProducerImpl in java, but misses the configuration that is required to tell the workflow engine to use the custom producer instead of the default one.

      Thanks in advance for your help!

      Kind regards, Nils