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    Notifications when the state of a user task is changed

    Randy Stuart Newbie

      Is there any way to tell jbpm to notify a listener class when ever a particular user has been assigned a task or the state of the task assigned to a user has been changed?

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <process-definition xmlns="urn:jbpm.org:jpdl-3.2" name="simpleTask">
       <start-state name="start">
       <transition to="task-node1"></transition>
       <task-node name="task-node1">
       <task name="task1" blocking="true" signalling="false">
       <assignment actor-id="john"></assignment>
       <transition to="end"></transition>
       <end-state name="end"></end-state>

      In the above example, when user "john" is assigned a task, we want the jbpm engine to call one of our classes. Can we configure jbpm to do that?