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    Adding new user to access to the gwt-console (jbpm4.0CR1)

    Emanuele Fabbri Newbie


      I have jbpm 4.0 CR1 with HSQL database. I had add some users to the database (table JBPM4_ID_USER) and I've associated these to a new group.

      So I've found that if the group has a type different from "security-role" the gwt-console doesn't grant me access and appear a browser mask to insert username and password.

      So I tried to give to the new group the type of "security-role". Now the browser mask doesn't appear, there are no errors.. but the console doesn't open.

      So, How can I add new users to the managing of the console?

      And so, I used the Identity Service to add these users and groups but I didn't found commands to set the password. I had must change the password operating into the database.

      Are there any solutions to my problems?

      Sorry for my bad english :-(