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    Effort Estimation Technique for jBPM

    Umesh Pathak Newbie


      My application is already using TeamWorks BPM tool. We wanted to replace it with jBPM. so I wanted to do a effort estimation for existing process defined in TeamWorks?

      are there any techniques available for effort estimation of BPM?

      I appreciate your input.


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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          what is effort estimation (We do not know TeamWorks like yiou do)? A kind of simulation?

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            Umesh Pathak Newbie

            TeamWorks is Lombardi's BPM Tool for creating Business Process.

            Currently application is using TeamWorks to define such processes. We want to replace it with jBPM. So I want to do analysis that how much effort will be required to define same processes using jBPM.

            I understand many parameters can be considered. But considering a simple process, how easy it is to do in jBPM


            I am posting one example of TeamWorks BPD. I want your input about how easily we can develop such type of BPD using jBPM.

            Process Definition: Meeting Reconciliation
            There will be two swimlanes namely Meeting Organizer and System (TeamWorks Process)

            1) After meeting has successfully taken place/occurred, control comes to Meeting Reconciliation
            2) System sends reminder mails stating meeting is pending for re-conciliation. (in this case TeamWorks has email address stored in it's DB)
            3) Meeting Requestor will check his mail and complete his re-conciliation task. If Requestor ignore the email then after 15/30 days process # 2 will be executed again.
            4) even if Requestor has not completed re-conciliation within 35 days, System will close the meeting.

            I am sorry for not pasting Process Diagram because i couldn't able to insert image.

            One more point to add here is, actual application have business process which calls other process and web service.

            Let me know if you need more information.


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              Joram Barrez Master

              The usage that you describe (wait states, mailing, timers) is supported by jBPM.

              But ofc, without proper requirements there is no way to do an estimation.