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    Java calls and per-thread model for Spring/Tapestry5 service

    Alfie Kirkpatrick Newbie

      Hi, I've done a bit of work to wire Tapestry5 IOC into jBPM4, very similar to the method used by SpringConfiguration in the distro. I can now do Tapestry dependency injection on my classes used by custom/decision/etc nodes which makes me very happy!

      Now Tapestry has a @PerThread annotation which can be very useful when using a service which might be used multiple times across multiple services in a thread of execution but needs to be cleaned up when the thread completes.

      Is there any suitable point at which we can hook into the completion of a Java call from a node to do the thread cleanup? I think it would be safest initially to do this around each discrete Java call rather than try to be clever and define a wider scope for the thread.

      Many thanks, Alfie.