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    jBPM 4.0 and asynchronous continuatios

    Ralf Edmund Stranzenbach Newbie

      Hi, i need some clarifications on asynchronous continuations. I've did some testing on 3.2.6 and 4.0 because we integrate jBPM into one of our applications, but currently i'm confused.

      Looking at a simple process like this:

      <start name="A">
       <transition to="B" />
      <java name="B" continue="async">
       <transition to="C" />
      <java name="C">
       <transition to="D" />
      <finish name="D" />

      The behaviour i've observed is the following:

      * I'll start the process and the states A and B will be activated, then process/start command returns.
      * In the background C will be fired moving on to D finishing the process.

      What i observe from my tests is, that the continuation attribute affects
      My interpretation of the continue attribute affects outgoing transitions while the comparable jBPM3 feature affects the state itself.

      Is this correct?