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    problems creating process and seeing it in GWT

    Erin Miller Newbie

      Hi All,
      I'm having problems doing deployments using the API. Here's the code:
      ProcessEngine processEngine = new Configuration()
      RepositoryService repositoryService = processEngine.getRepositoryService();
      File f = new File(filePath);

      Deployment deployment = repositoryService.createDeployment();
      ((NewDeployment) deployment).addResourceFromFile(f);
      String deploymentId = ((NewDeployment) deployment).deploy();

      When I run this from eclipse, it seems to work, but the process def doesn't show up in the GWT console. I changed my hibernate config to point to localhost:7001 instead of what appeared to be a local memory copy and now I'm getting this:

      08:04:12,575 INF | [DriverManagerConnectionProvider] Using Hibernate built-in connection pool (not for production use!)
      08:04:12,575 INF | [DriverManagerConnectionProvider] Hibernate connection pool size: 20
      08:04:12,575 INF | [DriverManagerConnectionProvider] autocommit mode: false
      08:04:12,577 INF | [DriverManagerConnectionProvider] using driver: org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver at URL: jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://localhost:1701
      08:04:12,577 INF | [DriverManagerConnectionProvider] connection properties: {user=sa, password=****}
      08:04:12,676 INF | [Dialect] Using dialect: org.hibernate.dialect.HSQLDialect
      08:04:12,680 INF | [TransactionFactoryFactory] Using default transaction strategy (direct JDBC transactions)
      08:04:12,686 INF | [TransactionManagerLookupFactory] No TransactionManagerLookup configured (in JTA environment, use of read-write or transactional second-level cache is not recommended)
      08:04:12,689 INF | [ASTQueryTranslatorFactory] Using ASTQueryTranslatorFactory
      08:04:12,728 INF | [SessionFactoryImpl] building session factory
      08:04:13,308 INF | [SessionFactoryObjectFactory] Not binding factory to JNDI, no JNDI name configured
      08:04:13,321 INF | [SchemaExport] Running hbm2ddl schema export
      08:04:13,322 INF | [SchemaExport] exporting generated schema to database
      08:04:13,338 SEV | [SchemaExport] Unsuccessful: create table JBPM4_EXECUTION (DBID_ bigint generated by default as identity (start with 1), CLASS_ varchar(255) not null, DBVERSION_ integer not null, ACTIVITYNAME_ varchar(255), PROCDEFID_ varchar(255), HASVARS_ bit, NAME_ varchar(255), KEY_ varchar(255), ID_ varchar(255), STATE_ varchar(255), SUSPHISTSTATE_ varchar(255), PRIORITY_ integer, HISACTINST_ bigint, PARENT_ bigint, INSTANCE_ bigint, SUPEREXEC_ bigint, SUBPROCINST_ bigint, PARENT_IDX_ integer, primary key (DBID_), unique (ID_))
      08:04:13,338 SEV | [SchemaExport] Table already exists: JBPM4_EXECUTION in statement [create table JBPM4_EXECUTION]
      08:04:13,345 SEV | [SchemaExport] Unsuccessful: create table JBPM4_TASK (DBID_ bigint generated by default as identity (start with 1), CLASS_ char(1) not null, DBVERSION_ integer not null, NAME_ varchar(255), DESCR_ longvarchar, STATE_ varchar(255), SUSPHISTSTATE_ varchar(255), ASSIGNEE_ varchar(255), FORM_ varchar(255), PRIORITY_ integer, CREATE_ timestamp, DUEDATE_ timestamp, PROGRESS_ integer, SIGNALLING_ bit, EXECUTION_ID_ varchar(255), ACTIVITY_NAME_ varchar(255), HASVARS_ bit, SUPERTASK_ bigint, EXECUTION_ bigint, PROCINST_ bigint, SWIMLANE_ bigint, TASKDEFNAME_ varchar(255), primary key (DBID_))
      08:04:13,345 SEV | [SchemaExport] Table already exists: JBPM4_TASK in statement [create table JBPM4_TASK]
      08:04:13,347 SEV | [SchemaExport] Unsuccessful: create index IDX_EXEC_SUPEREXEC on JBPM4_EXECUTION (SUPEREXEC_)
      08:04:13,347 SEV | [SchemaExport] Index already exists: IDX_EXEC_SUPEREXEC in statement [create index IDX_EXEC_SUPEREXEC on JBPM4_EXECUTION]
      08:04:13,348 SEV | [SchemaExport] Unsuccessful: create index IDX_EXEC_INSTANCE on JBPM4_EXECUTION (INSTANCE_)
      08:04:13,348 SEV | [SchemaExport] Index already exists: IDX_EXEC_INSTANCE in statement [create index IDX_EXEC_INSTANCE on JBPM4_EXECUTION]
      08:04:13,348 SEV | [SchemaExport] Unsuccessful: create index IDX_EXEC_SUBPI on JBPM4_EXECUTION (SUBPROCINST_)
      08:04:13,348 SEV | [SchemaExport] Index already exists: IDX_EXEC_SUBPI in statement [create index IDX_EXEC_SUBPI on JBPM4_EXECUTION]
      08:04:13,349 SEV | [SchemaExport] Unsuccessful: create index IDX_EXEC_PARENT on JBPM4_EXECUTION (PARENT_)
      08:04:13,349 SEV | [SchemaExport] Index already exists: IDX_EXEC_PARENT in statement [create index IDX_EXEC_PARENT on JBPM4_EXECUTION]
      08:04:13,363 SEV | [SchemaExport] Unsuccessful: create index IDX_TASK_SUPERTASK on JBPM4_TASK (SUPERTASK_)
      08:04:13,363 SEV | [SchemaExport] Index already exists: IDX_TASK_SUPERTASK in statement [create index IDX_TASK_SUPERTASK on JBPM4_TASK]

      Any idea about what I'm doing wrong??