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    Jbpm-Spring app deployment to jboss

    Robert Moskal Newbie

      Well now that I've been making good headway in integrating Jbpm4 and Spring I realize I haven't a clue as to how to deploy such an application to Jbpm living in JBoss, like when you install from the distribution ant scripts.

      Has anyone been thinking about this?



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          Shekhar Vemuri Newbie

          How were you deploying a spring application to jboss before?

          One of the more simplistic ways is to Bundle the application up as an EAR or WAR and deploy to jboss, setup a datasource for your database connectivity, and jbpm gets injected with the sessionfactory that spring creates with that datasource, and you should have a working application..

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            Robert Moskal Newbie

            You are right of course, but I was wondering how my application deployment relates to to the existing Jbpm integration in JBoss, for eaxmple. Is it reasonable to have the JBoss gwt-server point at the same Jbpm database as that being used by my application? It would be nice to build a UI against the restful api. Or even the GWT console for testing and demoing. Is it reasonable for me to explore that path?

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              Robert Moskal Newbie

              Yes was a very fine answer and it filled with me with hope. I really want to leverage the restful apiprovided by the console server. But things aren't so simple.

              Now it seems obvious that the console server needs access to the spring context. Trying to enumerate a list of deployed processes via the restful api in the deault jboss integration causes all kinds of errors related to not finding the spring refrences in the process definition files.

              So it seems that there are two paths forward:

              I can try to integrate a springified instance of jbpm application server with jboss. Fooling around with the jbpm-service.sar

              Or assuming my jpbm application is deployed as a war, I can try to expose the context to gwt-console-server.war, perhaps by changing gwt-console-server-integration.jar.

              I know there are also class loading issues, but I think those are all surmountable.

              I think getting a springified version of jpbm integrated with the console server would eb tremendously useful integration. I'm sure I could pull it off with a little guidance. I would be happy to write up the solution and share it with others.