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    Jbpm 4 and variable sub-process

    Robert Moskal Newbie

      I read in the 3.2.2 docs one could dynamically specify a sub-process to run. Something like this:

      <sub-process name='#{mySubProcess}' binding='late'/>

      I was assuming that in 4.0 something like the following would work. But I always get a null pointer exception in SubProcessActivity at line 69.

      <sub-process g="228,193,92,52" name="ConcreteWork" sub-process-key="#{SKYLINE_FLOW}">

      Has this nifty feature been taken away?

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          Robert Moskal Newbie

          Definitely, it seems that expressions aren't being evaluated for the key or the id. The debuugger shows an unevaluated expression being passed to SubProcessActivity.

          I'll have to rethink my application design if this is the case and if it isn't something that was left out of the initial release.

          Thanks and regards,

          Brooklyn, USA

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            Ronald van Kuijk Master

            There is a difference between the name and sub-process-key attribute. In 3 the name was evaluated as an EL, not sure about 4. The sub-process-key is *new* so evaluating it as an EL has certainly not been taken away ;-)

            File a jira issue for the sub-process-key and if the name is also not evaluated, file a separate jira issue for that.