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    What is the difference between a

    Prajatna Mahunta Newbie

      As mentioned in documentation..

      A task node represents one or more tasks that are to be performed by humans. So when execution arrives in a task node, task instances will be created in the task lists of the workflow participants. After that, the node will behave as a wait state. So when the users perform their task, the task completion will trigger the resuming of the execution. In other words, that leads to a new signal being called on the token.

      The type node serves the situation where you want to write your own code in a node. The nodetype node expects one subelement action. The action is executed when the execution arrives in the node. The code you write in the actionhandler can do anything you want but it is also responsible for propagating the execution.

      But confusion is that, where to use task node , and where a node.. Coz in both the case required acton is being written inside a handler class....

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          Joram Barrez Master

          A task node does not require to write custom Java handlers. A task node will create task records in the task table for every task defined.

          A node is nothing more than an interface. Your own implementation can do anything (print hello world, block the current thread, or actually do something useful).

          Task nodes are to be used for user interaction, Nodes must be used when the given set of activitity types is not enough for your use case.