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    custom task id

    Johan Kumps Newbie

      Hi all,

      Is it possible to create a user defined id for a task? We will have a GUI application displaying all tasks for a logged in user. When this user is a member of different groups he/she will be handling different kind of tasks (loan approvals, customer registration approvals) all with a different workflow. The users would like to have their tasks grouped together per functional context. For example using tab panes.

      I think having a custom task id, something like loan.1, loan.2, cust-reg.1, cust-reg.2 could make this possible...

      Any other ideas?

      Kind regards,

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          Johan Kumps Newbie

          Another possibility is to add a findGroupTasksByGroupName method to the IdentitySession interface. Than it's possible to create a group per functional context. In the loan part of the gui you display the result of findGroupTasksByGroupName("LOAN_MANAGEMENT") and in the customer registration module you display the result of findGroupTasksByGroupName("CUSTOMER_MANAGEMENT")

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            Ronald van Kuijk Master

            The latter sounds more logical, please file a jira issue for it and even better, provide an example implementation and testcase so we can easily add it

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              Joram Barrez Master

              I agree, the second option sounds more logical to me.

              Doesn't the TaskQuery.candidate() or TaskQuery.assignee() helps you out there?

              If you feel like something is missing there, you can file a Jira as Ronald mentions. If it's really urgent you can always use a plain Hibernate query (altough I'd rather see it on the right API interface ;-)