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    jBPM as reusable component for various applications

    henry donnell Newbie

      I have been evaluating jBPM4 lately and would like to use it in several different projects running on the same WAS 6.1 server. The idea is to put jBPM behind a workflow API (to avoid dependency on jBPM's API) and make it reusable.

      Our typical project set-up is Spring / JPA with Hibernate.

      We are currently considering 2 following options:
      both of them relying on one central jbpm database for all applications using jbpm.

      A) put jBPM in a separate EAR and it expose as a web service (AXIS2)
      B) distribute it as a jar library, pre-configured and ready-to-go

      The webservice solution is the SOA way but I am afraid we will be running into performance problems and so on, webservices aren't cheap to use.

      The jar distribution option seems to be a better one. It does take some more memory, but memory is cheap. But here what I am afraid of is that because we are planning to use one database for all these distributions, dead locks might take place or stuff like that.

      Which set-up is better A, B or maybe C? Maybe someone had a similar siutaion.