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    task searches - best practice

    Benito Juarez Newbie


      i'd like to implement some search funktions for task instances:
      - all tasks of a distinct state
      - all tasks changed last 24 h
      - all tasks having a distinct variable value

      is where any useful Component to perform these searches? If not, can i use the EntityManager to create a hibernate query ?

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          Shekhar Vemuri Newbie

          Where are you storing the information that a task belongs to a particular state?

          You can always use Hibernate to query any table in any manner for the jbpm tables.

          There is of course the TaskQuery interface, but you can take a similar approach if you like that(maybe extend the interface? it's something I was starting to work on the other day. following the same approach as jbpm internally does),

          or write up a DAO just for your Task Queries,