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    jbpm4 and oracle application server integration

    Kirill Kotkov Newbie

      Hi friends!
      I am facing some problems during jbpm4 and OAS integration.
      I am using default jbpm configs with one exception - i switched to JTA transaction interceptor to use oas bean-managed transactions. I configured hibernate to use my datasource also.
      My test process could not connect to database, so i started debugging jbpm and this is what i found:
      at org.jbpm.pvm.internal.tx.jta.JtaTransaction User transaction is looked up using
      public static final String JNDINAME_USERTRANSACTION_JBOSS_GLOBAL = "UserTransaction";
      JNDI. But in OAS UserTransaction is bound to "java:comp/UserTransaction".

      Ive changed JNDINAME_USERTRANSACTION_JBOSS_GLOBAL to "java:comp/UserTransaction" and everything start working correctly.

      Now i am wondering if there is any way to do same stuff without changing your sources?

      Any help will be appreciated