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    [GPD] Duplication of tag and problems with the setting of pr

    Sebastian Schneider Master

      Good morning!

      I am not sure if this a bug so it's me again posting. I encountered the following problem. I was creating process definitions with the GPD component and I used an exlusive gateway and via the context menu I set a Handler Class for the gateway. Afterwards I was switching between the diagramm and source view to do some manual changes to the code like adding form-attributes to user tasks. After some switching between diagramm and source code I noticed a second handler tag within a decision.

       <decision g="208,176,48,48" name="hhk_decision">
       <handler class="DecisionHHK" />
       <handler class="DecisionHHK" />
       <transition g="-51,-21" name="to_java1" to="hhk_java1"/>
       <transition g="2,-25" name="to_java2" to="hhk_java2"/>

      Since I added the jPDL4-schema to the Eclipse catalogue the source code editor complained about this and marked the second line in red.
      I encountered this at least 3 times and I always had to remove the second tag manually.

      Should I fill an issue in JIRA?

      The second problem I encountered is that when I was trying to set properties of process elements in the process definition like task names the letters have been written from right to left. For example when typing "my_task" changed to "ksat_ym".

      Should I fill an issue for this as well?

      I am using Eclipse 3.5.0 (Java EE) with JRE1.6.0_06 on Windows XP SP3.

      Thanks for your attention.