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    event type="task-assign" doesn't fire

    aroeder Newbie

      I'm using jBPM 3.2.2 and my task node looks like that:

      <task-node name="INDEX_DATA">
       <task name="enterIndexData" swimlane="INDIZIERUNG">
       <variable access="read,write,required" name="title"> </variable>
       <variable access="read,write" name="agentNumber"></variable>
       <variable access="read,write,required" name="type"></variable>
       <event type="task-assign">
       <action name="de.firstdata.jbpm.action.LogTimesAction"/>
       <transition to="process_end" name="next"></transition>

      But the event type="task-assign" never gets fired, when I assign an actor by:

      TaskInstance task = ctx.getTaskInstance(pTaskInstanceId);

      What am I doing wrong?