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    jbpm 3 or jbpm 4 (regarding exception handling)

    Josh S Newbie

      Hi everybody,

      i am newbie at jbpm and currently i am evaluating which jbpm version i should use.
      During my reserch i discovered, that exception handling is not integrated in jpdl 4 but in jpdl 3.
      My question is how can i handle an exception in jbpm 4, which is potentially thrown in an invoked java method defined in the jpdl process description (<java class=... method=methodWithException />)?
      If an exception is thrown, e.g. another java method should be invoked or an an email should be sent, but this should be defined in the jpdl process description.
      if am right, this can be realized in jpdl 3 but not in jpdl 4, or is there a way to do this?
      Thanks for your answers,