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    scrollableDataTable: fit cols in table width

    Yurii Kartsev Apprentice

      Good afternoon, dear RichFaces gurus!

      Faced a problem: when I specify width attribute of scrollableDataTable as percentage value(width="100%"), it works. But when I use percents in column width attributes, I get an exception about that I can't use percentage values for table columns. Why? It could be very useful.

      For example, I need my table columns always FULLY fit my table width, without any additional space(column) in the end of the table. How can I achieve it? (for example for browser window resizing, different resolutions, etc.)

      Now I have this table: http://tinyurl.com/67v4nv
      But want it to be like this: http://tinyurl.com/5eruo2

      Thanks in advance!

      P.S.: All Microsoft tables has "Ctrl '+' '+'" hotkey to automatically fit all columns... Does RF has something similar? Maybe some attributes or it will be available in near future?