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    [jBPM 4.1] Signavio process editor

    Sebastian Schneider Master


      I wanted to try out 4.1 and I was especially curious for the Signavio process editor integration. Unfortunately I have a problem. I installed the demo setup (JBoss) on a Windows Server but I am accessing the web interface with my local client's browser.

      When I access the editor with




      the Signavio editor is started but as soon as I try to create a process definition he tries to redirect me to a site using http://localhost/. This of course does not work.

      I started the JBoss AS with setting my the bind address. If I leave this out JBoss just binds to

      C:\jbpm-4.1\jboss-5.0.0.GA\bin\run.bat -b my.ip.address.here

      Any hints regarding what's the easiest way to get the editor running. Where does the Signavio editor take the hostname / ip address from to generate addresses?



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          Joram Barrez Master

          @Sebastian: nice to see that people started downloading the jbpm 4.1 zip even if we haven't got an anouncement out yet ;-)

          The current Signavio integration is very basic, but it will certainly evolve the next months.

          Take a look at the jbpmeditor.war/WEB-INF/web.xml file. There is a

           <description>Server URL (protocol://domain[:port])</description>

          in there, which can be modified. If you change that param, the redirection to the JPDL editor will get you to the right domain.

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            Sebastian Schneider Master

            Hello Joram,

            I did not find the time to reply yesterday but I wanted to leave a note telling that this worked fine for me. Thank you.

            Thank you also and everyone else of course for your efforts during the last days to get jBPM 4.1 released on time. :)