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    Custom task in jbpm 4.1?

    Josh S Newbie

      i am not so familiar with jbpm, and especially with jbpm 4. i have a question regarding custom tasks in jbpm 4.1.
      my problem is that before a task shoud be completed (taskService.completeTask ... ), another action should be done. For example a user task is signing a document, thus in this case a signature must be generated by user's private key and has to be saved in an external database, but this is out of scope of jbpm. But the thing is, before completion this taks, the signature must be saved. first idea was to to inherit from TaskImpl class and to override the complete method, but i think this would not work, because i cannot create my own Task Object and pass it to the jbpm api. But is there any good solution, which matchs the jbpm architecture and is a good object oriented design?
      Thanks for your answers,