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    API support for creating jBPM process

    Satheesh Kumar Newbie

      Hi ,

      Do we have API support for creating jBPM process?Which APi is used?

      Can a Rule define which processes to invoke?

      Can a process is branched based upon a condition decision? Like invoke A process if the condition is true or B process if conditiion is false?

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          Sebastian Schneider Master

          Your questions are all without or with little context and as a result hardly to answer. It seems to me that you want us to do your work: reading the documentation and available documents. You should do this FIRST and ask more specific questions afterwards. If you do want somebody else to do your job then - as Ronald (kukeltje) already mentioned - you have to hire and pay somebody!

          Always consider:

          Some hints:

          1) There is an API for the process engine. You should read the manual about that.

          2) From within a process I think there are ways to do it. You did not give any context. Read about the API to access the process engines and about Java Tasks.