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    Transition Timers Not Marking a Task as Complete

    Jorge Lugo Newbie

      I have a timer on a transition in task A. When the timer fires in task A, the task follows the transition to the next task, B. However, task A is not considered complete when the timer fires and moves the task. So when I query for tasks for users assigned to task A, the task that is now in B is returned.

      Is there a good way to mark task A as complete when the timer fires? I haven't had much luck with event listeners.

      <process name="MyProcess" xmlns="http://jbpm.org/4.0/jpdl">
       <start name="start1">
       <transition name="to review" to="TaskA"/>
       <task candidate-groups="#{status.taskAGroups}" name="TaskA">
       <transition name="forward" to="TaskB">
       <timer duedate="#{status.timeout}"/>
       <task candidate-groups="#{status.taskBGroups}" name="TaskB">
       <transition name="forward" to="EndState"/>
       <end name="Final" state="EndState"/>