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    onbeforeunload and jsfcljs

    Dmitry Pinaev Newbie


      I am trying to implement a check for changes in the page content when the user attempts to leave a web page.

      var changesHaveBeenMade = true;
      function checkForChanges(event) {
       if (changesHaveBeenMade) {
       return "Changes in the content have been made.\n"+
       "If you leave the page, the changes made will be lost.";
      window.onbeforeunload = checkForChanges;

      The above code works in both IE7 and FF2 if I click on OK and leave the page. It also works in FF2 if I click on Cancel and stay on the page.
      However, I get a javascript error pointing to "jsfcljs" function generated by the JSF libraries if I click on Cancel in IE7.

      I am using SNAPSHOT 3.2.2-20080708.043445.

      Is there any way to avoid the javascript error and possible consequences?
      Thank you!