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    JBPM 4.0 HistoryEvent, HistorySession

    Torsten R Newbie


      we need to send emails and log information upon certain events (e.g a reassignment or change of priority).

      All this is available as history events, so we thought implementing a custom history session and add this to the jbpm-config. As it turns out the history events do not expose their information (e.g. the execution they were fired from).

      Is there a way to get the execution from a history event in a custom event session? Would it be possible to add a method getExecution into HistoryEvent in the next release, or did I miss something?


      package com.test;
      import org.jbpm.pvm.internal.history.HistoryEvent;
      import org.jbpm.pvm.internal.history.HistorySession;
      import org.jbpm.pvm.internal.history.events.TaskAssign;
      public class NotificationListener implements HistorySession {
       public void process(HistoryEvent historyEvent) {
       if (historyEvent instanceof TaskAssign) {
       //User Assigned!
       TaskAssign taskAssign = (TaskAssign) historyEvent;
       //Nothing to get from taskAssign
       //Nothing visible from this package

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          Torsten R Newbie

          I wasn't able to find a binding for HistorySessionChain. I created one (see below).

          Maybe some hints for all who want to add a custom historySession....


          - Create your custom history Session (implement org.jbpm.pvm.internal.history.HistorySession)
          - Create the binding class for the custom history session (you can copy the binding from historySession and adjust tag and class)
          - Create the binding class for the historySessionChain (see below)
          - Add both bindings to jbpm.wire.bindings.xml
          - Change your configuration by adding the chain-tag including the actual history sessions.

          Last problem I have:
          Can anyone see an option to get the of the execution memeber of the history-events in the custom event session without changing the code?



          package com.test;
          public class CustomHistorySession implements HistorySession {
           public void process(HistoryEvent historyEvent) {
           // Do your custom work here

          package com.test;
          public class CustomHistorySessionBinding extends WireDescriptorBinding {
           public CustomHistorySessionBinding() {
           public Object parse(Element element, Parse parse, Parser parser) {
           return new ObjectDescriptor(CustomHistorySession.class);

          HistorySessionChainBinding.java (copy and modify from deployer-manager)
          package com.test;
          public class HistorySessionChainBinding extends WireDescriptorBinding {
           private static final String HISTORY_SESSION_CHAIN_TAG = "history-session-chain";
           public HistorySessionChainBinding() {
           public Object parse(Element element, Parse parse, Parser parser) {
           ObjectDescriptor objectDescriptor = new ObjectDescriptor(HistorySessionChain.class);
           ListBinding listBinding = new ListBinding();
           ListDescriptor listDescriptor = (ListDescriptor) listBinding.parse(element, parse, parser);
           objectDescriptor.addInjection("delegates", listDescriptor);
           return objectDescriptor;

          <binding class="org.jbpm.pvm.internal.wire.binding.HistorySessionBinding" />
           <binding class="com.test.HistorySessionChainBinding" />
           <binding class="com.test.CustomHistorySessionBinding" />

           <history-session-chain >
           <history-session />
           <custom-history-session />

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            Karl Koch Newbie

            Hi tcr,
            do you have found a solution for your problem ?
            or does anybody else have a solution for this problem.

            i would also like to use a customized history event for tracking and some informational tasks.