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    [jBPM Bpel] Example in the userguide and the actual example

    Nazar Tm Newbie

      The Bpel 'hello' example in the user-guide has one inconsistency with the actual example project. The guide gives the following:

      <assign name="ComposeGreeting" validate="no">
       <documentation>compose a greeting phrase</documentation>
       <from>concat('Hello, ', $request.name, '!')</from>
       <to part="greeting" variable="response" />

      The highlighted value is what Netbeans bpel designer will also produce. However, this does not work in jBPM bpel. Rather, the given hello example project changes the highlighted text into:

      <from expression="concat('Hello, ', bpel:getVariableData('request', 'name'), '!')" />

      And this works. Is there something I'm not seeing here? I figure the first one should also work but so far no luck. No errors are reported, it just hangs. Anyone else had this experience?

      jBPM bpel 1.1.1
      Jboss AS 4.2.3.GA